Mindful in May Update

Well I’ve been meditating for over a week now, and I’d have to say it’s getting easier and easier. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ve taken up the Mindfulness in May challenge to meditate for a whole month. In doing so hopefully I’ll raise some money to help provide clean water to those that need it.

I actually look forward to and enjoy the time I’m taking out for myself, even if it’s for just 10 mins. One thing that really stands out at the moment is how much calmer I am throughout the day if I do my practice in the morning, and similarly how much better my sleep is if I do it at night. Hmmm I may have to up the anti and go for double trouble.

Don’t forget if you want to make a donation, head to my MIM page here. Or check out the MIM website here. This charity is something I really believe in, because everyone deserves to have fresh, clean water available to them.


Love & light,



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